A child’s room is often one of the only room in the house that belongs to them and usually serves as a place to sleep, a playroom and a workspace. Children’s rooms can be designed with thousands of different themes and ideas depending on its usages and the child’s age.


The elements to consider when making your design choices


Children’s rooms must include a relaxation area, a playroom and storage. To carry out their activities, children must be in a well-lit environment and, if possible, choose an appropriate lighting adapted to the activities. Opt for a wall mural that is easy to clean to create a focal point in the room.


Use the features of the room to your advantage when you decorate. A non-standard angle can become a reading area, a hiding place, etc. The installation of a wall mural or wallpaper in this space will allow a better definition of the zones in a children’s room or playroom.


The family rooms should please the children while maintaining a practical side, and they should suit the house interior design. A part of the space can be dedicated to family activities and another reserved for leisure activities. A wall mural can help to easily differentiate the zones while adding a focal point in a room.



Decoration themes for specific group ages


We all know that children grow up quickly and that their tastes can change just as quickly. Hundreds of different themes can be suitable when decorating a children’s room or a playroom. It is better to choose a theme based on the child’s age and personality. Select a wall mural or wallpaper that will allow you to easily adjust the decor as your child grows.

In a baby’s room, the decoration theme should allow the baby to relax while awakening its senses. Themes such as small animals, cartoons, forest and others would be a perfect fit for that age.

shutterstock_258928079For a children’s room or a playroom, the theme should help them stimulate their imagination and carry them in another universe. A wall mural with a thematic like the sea, space, businesses (example: a bakery, a hairdresser, a grocery store, etc.) and other environments will develop their creativity.

For the design of a teenage room, you will want to prepare a comfortable and modern environment, as this room will be used for several activities. You could use themes such as; cities around the world, sport, industrial look, etc. You could also opt for a wallpaper with a repetitive pattern to give the room a more mature look.




Let the colors shine


It’s in a children’s room and playroom that you can be the most creative. Thousands of options are possible for the creation of a unique decor. It may be interesting to choose colors that your children will not get tired of easily and that will also adapt to a new decor as they get older.


shutterstock_552610657The colors and accessories used in a room will set its tone. The use of primary colors can be a good starting point for creating a fun decor. Contrasting colors will awaken the senses of toddlers while sober colors will facilitate the transition to a more mature decor.


If you install a wall mural or wallpaper, select a specific accent color from the wall decoration to select your accessories and thus create a unified decor. The use of solid colors on other walls will allow you to play with colors in the decorative elements. Removable clear vinyl allows you to give special effects to a wall by easily adding complex details. This type of wall covering can easily create a creative touch to a children’s room or playroom.



When you start planning the design of a children’s room, playroom, or family room, don’t hesitate to ask the children for ideas. Kids can get creative as they are full of imagination. Whether you are decorating a children’s room or a playroom, be sure to consider the aspects of longevity and functionality of your decor.


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