You decorate the interior of your home, why not also decorate your outdoor living space. In addition to enhancing your exterior design, adding a wall covering to your decor will make you escape into an enchanting design and let you create a unique space tailored to your tastes. A decorative covering will bring elegance to your outside space.


Which wall coverings can be used outdoors?


The structural elements of your outdoor living space can easily be transformed and embellished by covering them with a wall decoration designed to withstand the weather. Indeed, any outdoor decorative element must maintain its quality, even when exposed to rain, sunlight, wind, etc. A decoration made of removable opaque vinyl, removable clear vinyl or multi-surface vinyl can easily be applied in an outdoor living space and allows you to design various decor. An opaque vinyl installed on a low wall, in addition to adding a decorative element, will add intimacy to your outdoor decor. A transparent vinyl will allow you to preserve the view while adding a decorative element. This wall covering can be a good option if you want to add a frosted effect to a window or to decorate a windbreak wall.



Where to install your mural in your outdoor layout? 


The exterior low walls and intimacy walls make it possible for you to add a decorative element while separating a space. Applying a decorative covering will instantly transform them. It is also possible to install a wall covering on a fence, a floor, a gazebo, a wind shelter wall, etc.


A wall covering can be used to design an artistic composition in your outdoor layout, to create a focal point in your decor, to add a trompe-l’œil effect that will modify the view you have from your backyard or simply to cover up creatively an element of your outdoor living space. Your backyard will become an extension of your interior design and will brighten up your summer days.



Which theme to choose for your outdoor wall decoration?


Once the final location is selected, all you have to define is the theme you want for your wall covering. Whether you choose an image that suits your existing outdoor layout or you based your choice on the image’s theme to design your layout, you have an infinite number to choose from.


You can install a wall covering with geometric or abstract patterns to create a contemporary decor. An industrial theme in your backyard will allow you to design an outdoor loft-style decor. A good outdoor lighting combined with a contemporary image will create a pleasant atmosphere for your summer nights.


Opt for an image with a printed texture to add a graphic effect to an exterior wall. If you live in the city.  a wall covering with decoration depicting a garden, a vegetal wall, a woodlot, a lake or others will create a relaxing environment. These walls covering themes will let you escape the city while staying in the comfort of your backyard.


It is now easy to add style to your outdoor living space by adding a wall covering. Enjoy the summer by bringing your creativity and your wall decor to your backyard. Select an image on the Nomad Design website and order a wall covering for your outdoor living space. Our experts will guide you in your choice of outdoor decoration.

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