Using wallpaper gives character to a room. Whether it is a wall decoration for a residence, an office, a commercial space, etc. wall coverings will create a personalized atmosphere. Here are some tips to guide you when designing your decor.



A wall mural to make a room appear larger:


This is no secret; all vertical patterns will elevate ceilings and horizontal patterns will give the impression of widening a room. If your room is relatively small, opt for a wallpaper or a wall covering with light shades to make it appear bigger. Choose a light color decoration to create a unity in the room and add an impression of depth. For places where you have a low luminosity, apply sparkling wall covering that will reflect the light and illuminate the room. Avoid putting too much pattern or a dark color in small pieces, that will tend to overpower the decor and make the place look smaller.



Create a visual impact in a room by using wallpaper:


Create a focal point by affixing a strip of wallpaper to the center of a wall. You can use this trend in a bedroom to create a headboard, in a living room by creating a focal point behind the television or to put forward a fireplace. This decorative touch of wallpaper allows you to dare a little more, given its limited use, and give style and personality to your decor. You can also create a visual impact by applying a wall mural in a room.




Some decoration tricks for rooms that are often forgotten


  •  The Corridor: In a hallway, the passage is frequent, but it is not a place where we spend most of our time, which allows us to go play with the colors and decoration.
  • The kitchen and bathroom: Some people are reluctant to pose a wall covering in a kitchen or a bathroom. Plenty tapestries patterns can recall tiling and do so at a lower cost. In addition, a wall covering can be an attractive decorative element in these rooms. Moisture resistant and grease-resistant wallpaper can be installed in these rooms if not placed on the wall next to the shower or the stove.
  • For children’s rooms: Opt for a pattern on a smaller surface in a child’s room as they grow quickly and their interests can change quickly.


A wall mural as a decorative touch in your decor will give style without loading your room or office. A wallpaper will create an enveloping atmosphere. Be sure to select a wallpaper pattern or an image for your wall mural depending on the room you must decorate. Order your wall covering now!

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