Many motives can guide the decoration of business storefront. Whether it is to add intimacy to your restaurant or business, to attract customers or simply to add a decorative element, business windows offer multitudes of possibilities.


Business windows, an important marketing tool


Window displays can be used to inform customers about promotions, to present new features, to create an ambiance, and more. The use of wallpaper in shop window decoration design will allow you to be creative and will facilitate the changes of scenery according to the seasons or events.


Commercial storefronts are an integral part of the customer experience of your shop, restaurant, beauty center and others. Indeed, it acts as a natural extension of your activities and it should complete your brand image. Of course, its design must match with the industry in which you work so that the image is consistent with your commercial activities.


A personalized and original storefront will make your business or restaurant stand out from other merchants and restaurateurs. An eye-catching business window with a colorful and original theme will catch the attention and invite customers to visit your shop. The design and decoration of your commercial storefront act as visual marketing and as a communication medium informing current and potential customers.


Various wallpaper products for different storefront design theme


Whether you’re putting vinyl on your business windows or planning the decoration of a storefront, there are plenty of material options available. Printing on a wall covering, vinyl, canvas or on an image placed in a light box are all different processes that, each in their own way, will create a commercial storefront with a personalized and original concept.


  • Removable clear vinyl: This premium quality material is easily removable for up to one year after installation. Clear vinyl brings a distinguishing feature to a window display. It adds a decorative touch while having a transparent effect that will keep the luminosity coming from outside.


  • Light box: This is a new high-quality media trend that enhances an image with backlight. Including a light box in your storefront display will give you the option of quickly replacing the visual to adapt it to your communications. They are adaptable, lightweight and easy to install.


  • Removable opaque vinyl: The perfect solution to add intimacy to your business, removable opaque vinyl can be easily removed within one year of installation due to its micro-sphere adhesive.Murasol vinyl


  • Mounted canvas prints: This process is one of the most versatile, as prints can be reused for multiple occasions and can be integrated into any setting. The canvas can easily be added to any window display decoration to match the seasons, events or current promotions.


  • Murasol: This type of multi-surface vinyl is ideal for an outdoor use and can be applied to any wall or floor surface. The Murasol will create an original commercial storefront and allow you to apply your decoration concept to your exterior walls. It is also ideal to add a decoration to the terrace of your restaurant.


A store window display acts equally as a piece of art and a marketing tool. Vinyl-style wallpaper easily adapts to all surfaces and sizes and offers countless possibilities of colors and textures. The light box frames and canvas prints redesign a storefront display quickly and effortlessly. By simply changing the visual, it will be possible to design your business window according to different themes and seasons.


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