In the world of interior design, we can observe a trend of space customization. Wallpaper and murals are ideal to fulfill this task. Indeed, the large variety of styles, patterns, textures and colors make this type of wall covering the perfect solution to decorate a home or to create an atmosphere at a reasonable cost.


Features to look for when choosing your wall coverings:

When selecting your wall decoration, various factors are to be considered. You will want to choose your wall coverings according to their characteristics, i.e. quality, light resistance, the cleaning process, etc. The grammage (paper weight per m2) will help you gauge the quality of the wall decoration. The higher is the weight per unit, the better the quality of the paper is. Furthermore, a thicker wallpaper will have a better light resistance and will maintain its original colors. Make sure that you always check the batch numbers of each roll or that you contact an experienced professional specialized in large format printing to ensure a design consistency.


The different types of wall coverings:

Regularly chosen for their color or pattern, decorative wall coverings have more technical characteristics than you may think. Each wallpaper has its own unique features and you need to consider them when selecting its intended location or the decorative touch you want to add. Depending on which room your wall decoration will be installed, the cleaning process needs to be suited for the space you’re decorating.


  • Standard Wall Coverings: This wallpaper is the preferred choice for interior decorating in homes and apartments. Moisture resistant and odourless, this pre-pasted wall decoration is also easy to install.


  • Commercial Wall Coverings: Primarily used for decorations and wall advertisements, this type of wallpaper has incomparable qualities. Its characteristics make it a particularly suited choice for hospitals, restaurants, and more. Indeed, this wallpaper is fire retardant, moisture resistant, durable, and much more.


  • Textured Wall Coverings: A perfect solution for decorations and wall advertising, this decorative wallpaper, made of semi-rigid vinyl, will hide the imperfections of walls and helps to ensure a perfectly smooth finish.


  • Removable Clear Vinyl: Used primarily for window decorations and advertising, this type of wall decoration can be used to print special effects such as frosted or unpolished glass. The vinyl is easily removable and ideal for complex detailed prints without having to cut any outlines/edges/shapes.


  • Multi-Surface Textile: Newly on the market, this textile can be applied to walls and floor. This unique solution for wall and ground graphics is easy to install and remove, repositionable, not laminated, and much more.




Aesthetics guidelines to follow when applying wallpaper:

Decorative wall coverings can be applied to an entire room, for a cozy atmosphere, or on a small section of a wall to create a visual appeal. The different shades of color, design and type of material of the wallpaper you choose will also influence the atmosphere of a room. Indeed, all these elements can change the decorative effect of the wallpaper and the perception of volume in a space. When choosing your wall decoration, it is important to consider the flooring and the furniture that will be in the room to maintain its decorative atmosphere. A decorative wall will create a visual appeal in a living room or in a dining room. For the bedroom, apply the wallpaper on the wall where your bed is leaning against to create the appearance of a headboard.


Whether you choose a floral wallpaper, a geometrical pattern, coverings with a ‘trompe oeil’ effect or for a mural, these types of wall coverings will set the tone for your room and will let you be creative in the decoration of your space. By opting for a wallpaper, it will be easier to restyle your interior based on budget constraints and space limitations.  Contact us for your needs in wall decoration, murals, banners and more, or visit our website to learn more about our large format printing service.

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