Decoration trends are changing, but some wallpaper styles are timeless. Although the types of tapestry patterns chosen will depend on the decor, some themes are popular regardless of the setting in which they are installed. We present you a list of 5 themes of tapestry patterns among the most popular that can inspire you for your next wall decor.


1. Geometric wallpaper :

This category of tapestry includes all wallpapers with striped patterns, chevron, geometric shapes, etc. Whether it is a repetition of symmetrical patterns or a more abstract form, this theme of tapestry adapts to all decors. Its variations are endless, which allows you to create timeless and personalized wall art. Depending on the one you select, a vertical geometrical pattern can make your ceiling appear higher while a horizontal pattern can give volume to a room.

2. Romantic tapestry:

Often inspired by the Marie Antoinette era, the romantic tapestry theme remains a classic choice for home decor. It brings an elegant and glamorous look to a décor while creating a soothing ambiance. Floral patterns and damask patterns are among the most popular in this wallpaper category.


3. Vintage wallpaper:

The vintage theme of wallpaper is a reminder of a significant period in design. This category of tapestry includes wall decoration inspired by the Art Deco style of the 30s to the bright colors and abstract patterns of the 70s. With a modern touch, this theme of wall decoration will give a retro-chic ambiance to a room.


4. Nature wall tapestry:

One of the major trends in decoration is to bring pieces of the outside world into a room. It is easy to bring nature in your decor with floral or animal motif tapestry and thus give life to your walls. Use wallpaper with an animal print to give an exotic effect to a room. Many nature-inspired options are available for your wall decoration.


5. Children’s inspired wallpaper

The children’s thematic tapestries are original and are perfect for developing the imagination of children as well as adults. Ideal for a creative space, this theme of wall decoration includes naive patterns, realistic patterns to which a playful touch has been added, and so on. This theme of wallpaper is inspiring and refreshing, it can adapt to a child’s room as well as in an office. A fun wall decoration will also create an interesting look in a contemporary decor.
These 5 tapestry themes are timeless and will brighten your decor for many years. Don’t be afraid to mix styles to create a personalized atmosphere. Create a vintage decor with big geometric patterns and vibrant colors or create childish decor using wallpaper with animal patterns. The same pattern of wallpaper can create a different decoration depending on the color combination. A tone-on-tone wallpaper compared to a wall decoration with contrasting colors will give a completely different energy to a room. Moreover, the number of times that the pattern is repeated and its size will also have effects on the theme of the piece.

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