We are starting a new year and new design trends are emerging. Although personal choices can guide you when you start the design of your home, office or other, trends are all around us, whether in stores, magazines, blogs, etc. In 2017, the interior design makes a return to the sources and takes inspiration from the outside world for its selection of colors, textures and atmospheres.


The star colors of the year

The company “Pantone” releases each year a color of the year and the one for 2017 confirms the inspiration of nature in interior design trends. Indeed, the choice of color has stopped on “Greenery” which, per the company, represents a nature’s neutral. Dark green will also be popular in 2017. This rich color will wrap your decor when applied to walls or used as the accessory color of your wall decorations.

For those reluctant to add green to their decor, pastel colors are still in. Beige and cream will also be part of the trendy colors in interior design for 2017. Present for quite some time in the beauty and fashion industry, the Ombre trend can now be found in wall decorations. An Ombre wall mural with a lighter color at the top will give an impression of higher ceilings.



Popular ambiances of 2017

Three interior design trends will decorate the rooms in 2017. In continuation of the trendy colors of the year, the botanical style will be at the top of the decorative ideas. A reference of the outdoor spaces will be present in interior design in terms of furniture, wall decorations, accessories, etc. to create spaces where it is possible to unwind. Although slightly different, the Bohemian style also fits into this natural decor spirit. This trend draws its inspiration from the mix of colors and patterns while having a tendency for natural materials. The Scandinavian style and its minimalist look continue on their momentum in 2017. However, you can add a retro touch by using geometric patterns on the walls and accessories, or by adding vintage-inspired design elements. It is easy to integrate these ambiances into your rooms by simply affixing a wall mural.


shutterstock_340540691-reduceTexture trends in 2017 interior design

In this trend of nature’s praise, raw and natural materials will have a high popularity rating. Wood and wood imitation on walls will remain trendy again this year. Textures such as linen, rattan, wicker, wool and fur will fit in with this year’s interior design trends. These textural elements will create an exotic and soothing atmosphere. An embossed wall mural can be a good option to recreate texture on your walls.

Cork is making its comeback in 2017, whether it is used on walls, furniture or accessories, it adds texture to a room. The ally of bohemian and ethnic decors, terra-cotta, is also returning in interior design this year. Why not apply a wall mural to reproduce these decor trends at a lower cost? Moreover, a vinyl image impression of cork will be the perfect solution to cover your furniture or accessories. You will be able to transform a decor and respect your budget while following the new interior design trends.


As you can notice, the motto for interior design in 2017 is “Nature”. Applying wallpaper with floral prints or a wall mural representing this theme can easily bring these trends into your decor. Order your nature-inspired wall mural now. Hundreds of inspiring images are available for your personalized wall mural.

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