4 reasons why wall covering is the ideal solution for the decoration of a new living space.

10 Jul 4 reasons why wall covering is the ideal solution for the decoration of a new living space.


With the moving period also comes the period of new decors creation. Plan your decoration ideally before moving in and have your wall coverings installed as soon as possible to avoid having to move your furniture and boxes for an umpteenth time. Always start by planning the layout of the rooms in which you will spend the most time.


1. Wall coverings allow you to create new living spaces.


Whether you’re moving into a new home, a new apartment or a new office, a wall covering will allow you to create a new living space quickly and easily. Take full advantage of your new living space to let your imagination run wild. Set the ambiance you want to have in your room, afterward selecting the image for your wall covering will be easy. A removable textured vinyl wall covering is the perfect solution to add texture to a wall easily and quickly. This will add personality to your new decor.



2. Wall coverings add a “wow” factor to your new living space.


The addition of a wall covering will let you create a new decor in your new home or office while keeping items from your previous decor. This is a quick trick to beautify your home or office without getting into big spending.


A mounted canvas print on a wooden frame is the perfect way to create a sublime decor with the beauty of your own images. This solution effortlessly adapts to the decorative elements in the room and will easily add a “wow” factor to your decor. You can then transform any image into artwork displayed in your new decor.



3. Wall coverings are suitable for any kind of living space.


If you move into a smaller space or an open space, a wall covering will help you to define the areas of your living space. For example, a wall covering installed in the dining area will delineate the dining room from the kitchen, it can be used to define the living room from the dining room when these rooms are not necessarily well defined in the opened spaces. They can also be useful for define the different zones in a loft or studio.


4. Wall coverings can reduce your workload.


After a move, you do not necessarily have the strength, the budget or even the desire to engage in painting, that is why installing a wall covering can be a good solution for your new decor. It is sometimes impossible to paint the walls in your new living space, either because of a lack of time or because you are moving to an apartment where it is not allowed, installing removable wall coverings is then the best solution.
Moreover, wall coverings are a good option to hide minor imperfections of your walls. The removable opaque vinyl will allow you to overcome the imperfections of old walls or in poor condition by creating a perfectly smooth finish.

Take your measurements, choose your image, and let the Nomad Design team take care of the rest. Contact us for your wall coverings, whether to create a new decor or to enhance your current decor.