Commercial wall covering – why it can be a wise choice for your commercial space

22 Feb Commercial wall covering – why it can be a wise choice for your commercial space


Your business space reflects your company’s branding.


The interior design of your commercial space is an integral part of your brand image. Therefore, it is essential to take care of the first impression your visitors have when they enter your office, business, restaurant, etc. To maximize the effect of your commercial wall covering, make sure it goes hand in hand with your brand identity.

The theme of your wall decoration must be consistent with your activities while being adapted to your audience, as you want to immerse your customers into your company’s world. Make sure your commercial space theme reflects your brand identity and that it’s related to the products or services you offer. This will ensure that your visitors understand the dynamics of your business.


A commercial wall covering creates an experience for your clients, patients and employees.


In addition to being an eye-catching decoration, a wall covering contributes to the brand experience of your visitors and employees. You should design a space that reflects your business’ image to create an immersive experience for your customers. A well-selected image can trigger strong emotions and instantly create a pleasant memory directly linked to your business.

commercial wall covering

The experience will vary depending on the theme chosen for your wall covering. Different colors will create different emotions for your customers, patients and employees. Some colors will help with concentration, others will stimulate creativity, others will provide a calming effect, and so on. Your wall decoration can, therefore, have a comforting effect or, rather the opposite, a stimulating effect according to the colors in the image.

In addition to the colors, the themes used for your wall decoration will affect the feelings of your audience. If you work in the beauty and wellness industry, an image depicting nature and relaxation will fit perfectly to create an enjoyable and soothing experience. For a marketing agency, a colorful image will boost the imagination and thus increase creativity. A comforting image will create a warm and friendly atmosphere in a waiting room.  


A commercial wall covering is a smart solution to dress up a wall.


Commercial wall covering is a smart choice for wall decoration, as it is perfectly suited for high-traffic areas such as shops, offices, hospitals, schools, restaurants, airports, hotels, etc. This type of wallpaper is durable, fire resistant, mildew resistant, scratch and scrub resistant. A wall covering has the ability to easily create a focal point in a decor at a good value for money. Moreover, it is a good solution to cover up with ease wall imperfections.

The installation of a commercial wall covering is a durable and an easy to maintain solution for your commercial space decoration. Moreover, a unique wall decoration will differentiate you from other companies in your industry. Therefore, the interior design of a commercial space is a key element to consider in your marketing strategy.


Whether you are a Designer, Business Owner or Restaurateur, Nomad Design can help you realize your wall covering projects. Our professional team has the expertise to decorate the walls of your businesses, offices, restaurants, and others. Contact us for your commercial wall coverings needs.