Delivery and installation services of your custom wallpaper


In order to ensure a flawless installation, please ensure that your wall is clean and smooth to accommodate the new mural. This will come printed on pre-pasted vinyl especially designed for quick, easy installation on painted drywall, regardless if the paint is matte, semi-gloss or gloss.



Before installing your mural, clean the wall with a dry cloth and avoid using any cleaning products as they may compromise your wall’s adhesive properties.


When dealing with fresh paint, refer to the manufacturer’s specifications a bout recommended drying time before installing the mural.


Equip yourself with a stool, a flat ruler, a pencil, a plastic scraper and a cutter.


Remove all electrical outlet wall plates.


Begin on the left with panel number 1.


Fold the mural and remove a 12-inch wide strip of the wax paper from the back, then unfold it.


Align the top of the panel with the ceiling and the left side of the panel with the left side of the wall.


Affix the exposed adhesive part of the mural to the wall by sliding the plastic scraper across the mural’s surface from left to right, as many times as necessary.


Pull the remaining wax paper off the back of the mural using both hands, then slide the plastic scraper from left to right on the newly exposed part of the mural, until the panel is completely installed.


Mark a half-inch overlap on the panel you just installed before installing the next panel.


Once the installation is complete, cut any excess height and width of the mural while using a ruler.

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After your approval, we will process your order within 10 business days from its receipt. Allow an additional 10 to 20 days for delivery. If you want to have a proof, an additional cost of $22.95 applies. At NOMAD DESIGN, we are committed to delivering: :


Anywhere in Quebec

Within 10 to 20 days

Even though we take great care when packaging your mural for shipping, the package could be damaged during transportation. In this event, please refuse the delivery.