Textures, custom wall murals, wall decals and wall tapestry


The Beads texture has raised bumps and is one of the heavier embossing types of fabric. This fabric is perfect for commercial areas, hospitals, airports etc. This type of wallcovering is perfect for landscape, portraits, wildlife and geometrical images.


Bling! Beads are metallic enriched which allows inkjet machines to combine typical CMYK ink and create a whole new set of sparkling colors. The metallic particles in the base film will mix nicely with the spray of solvent inkjet to give any color a metallic dazzle. For the first time in the digital print industry you can create Gold, Silver, Bronze, Copper and more. Create stunning new wallcovering or POP displays. This kind of wallpaper gives a glittering or metallic effect. It is often use for an enchanting or retro décor. You will feel like in a fairy tale in your new environment.


This texture is a reproduction of painter’s canvas. This surface adds elegance to any wall, and is commonly used for the Giclee and Fine Decor business in reproducing digitally printed works of art.


This texture is a reproduction of fine cabretta leather. The creased surface gives a look similar to calfskin; it is often used with colors, patterns, and prints to simulate leather. It’s great for accenting a den or point of interest mural with a western touch. Often installed in bedrooms, living rooms and offices to create a luxurious ambiance.


Matte is a flat finish with a slight tooth suitable for photographic and detailed designs. This smooth surface is recommended for crisp, sharp edged designs with large color area. It is frequently use for images with huge motif like forms or flowers. A shiny alternative would be the Luster wallpaper.


This embossing allows you to give the impression that your artwork was painted directly onto the textured plaster wall surface. Rough grooves mixed with raised flat spots create a pleasing random dispersion of hot spots. It’s very popular for wall murals in restaurants, bars and stores. Ideal for images like graffiti or urban look.


Silk is a gorgeous, natural texture that will bring sophistication to prints. The Silk texture has a medium depth, with small horizontal raised lines randomly dispersed, as well as smooth areas. The embossing on the wallpaper creates a convincing fabric like appearance. Often use per designer as a sophisticate wall paper, it gives a sophisticate look to a room.